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Jennifer’s microblading review

I came in for Microblading with Jennifer and expected the same treatment that I received from a tech that I received at another business and was completely blown away. She explained everything to me, step by step, presented a few before and afters, guided me through her artistic approach and began the process. Her approach and artist skills were nothing like the previous tech at the other business I went to years before…SHE WAS BETTER! It just felt right and even after the first cycle of strokes, I could tell that this was her passion. Not only for the art aspect of the procedure but also for the person in the chair…me. Completely respectful, professional and a true gift. I highly recommend Jennifer to any guy who’s skeptical and to any girl. I debated on sharing my experiences as I wanted to keep her “my little secret” but she deserves to share her passion and artistry with any others interested in Microblading. THANK YOU JENNIFER, YOURE A TRUE ARTIST AND GIFT!

"Always with Empathy and Kindness"

Healthy Regards,

Shawn B.

New York City - September 25, 2022

Permanent makeup artist Jennifer HaThan now offering new innovative method of Eyebrow Tattoo Evolution

MicroBlading -MicroPigmentation

3D Eyebrow Embroidery - Ombré Shading

A Full Service Experience

As an accomplished professional artist over 20 years, Jennifer HaThan is combining her extensive Permanent Makeup cosmetic training with her prodigious experiences.  Her unique artistic talents have enabled her to develop perfection in the advanced techniques of Eye Brow hairstrokes method by Microblading & Machine Needle.

Her extensive possession of Pigment colors and her special customized mixes, would provide each and every ethnic client an artistic natural enhancement every time.